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  1. Jamie,
    I am a grade one french Immersion teacher in Jasper, Alberta. I am working on my 5th year and am always looking for fresh ideas!
    I have used your blog since I began teaching and have found it very useful! I am wondering about your “travail à la maison” workbook? would you share this with me. What kind of work do you send home?
    Also, what series of books are you using for the at0home reading program?
    Becky Koss
    Jasper Elementary

    • Hi Becky! I’m glad you’re finding the blog useful! The “travail à la maison” workbook is actually just a 1/2 plain, 1/2 interligned workbook that students take home each night to complete. They have to decide the activity themselves! Usually students will choose to do some writing or a drawing. Sometimes parents will write in some math equations for students to complete as well. This year, I opted not to do this homework book though. We are just doing our home reading program and our sight word wallets. For home reading, I use whatever books are available at my school but typically I’ve used GB+, alphajeunes, alizé and others! Hope this helps!


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