About Mme Robinson

Hello, my name is Jamie Robinson and I am a French Immersion teacher with the Richmond School District in British Columbia, Canada.  I started my teaching career in 2005 and I’ve taught many different levels from Grade 1 French Immersion to Grade 4 French Immersion. I have been teaching Grade 1 French Immersion since 2008.  I am married and have a little girl named Maelle.

In July 2010, I finished a graduate diploma program in education through Simon Fraser University.  The name of the field program was “Supporting Diverse Learners”.  My current area of interest and research has to do with ways of using technology to communicate effectively with parents of students in my class.

I hope this blog will help you help your child!  If there is anything I can add please contact me and I will see what I can do!

I am currently on maternity leave but am preparing this site for my return to the classroom for the 2011/2012 school year.

Mme Robinson



Here’s a more recent picture of Maelle (she is now 6 months old).


2 responses to “About Mme Robinson

  1. Hello,

    Are you still posting to this site? My son is going into kindergarten and is doing a french immersion class along side his regular class this first year. I am kind of scared hoping I made the right decision, is there anything I need to know to help him be prepared. I love the French language and want him to learn another language and want to support him ad much as possible. Any advice? Thanks.

    • Hello Shale,

      My apologies for not posting more regularly to this site! I have recently been exploring other ways of communicating student learning to my parent community via an e-portfolio platform so I have not been posting very regularly to this blog. I would encourage you to share your love of the French language with your child! It will help them understand and value why they are learning another language! Also, I wouldn’t be too worried about preparing him but you may want to expose him to some of the great French songs that he will probably learn on Youtube! I have a link to some common songs on this blog! Thanks for writing and I would you two all the best!


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