French Reading

This website is great because it has a large selection of French stories, songs, and poems that can be listened to.  Some of the stories are too advanced for Grade 1; I would suggest looking at the “Comptine et chansons” or “Fables et poésies”.

This website has a collection of stories in French that you can read along and listen to.  To access this site click the picture below, then click on the link at the bottom right that reads “TumbleTalkingBooks”.

Then, you will re-directed to the right place.  On the top right hand side of the page, you need to change the language to French.  Choose the red button “Livres pour enfants” to get to the story books.  There are also games on this website under the green button “Casse-têtes et jeux”.  You can also listen to English story books by click the yellow button “Livres de contes en anglais”.

Once you can see the list of books, make sure you click the button on the very right hand side that looks like the one below to hear the audio.


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