French Videos and Clips

Here are a few websites where you can watch clips and episodes of French cartoons.


Léon the cyclops is the main character in these silent, short, one-minute, animations.  The title’s in French and will give you an idea about what it will be about.  I LOVE these clips because they are fun, short, and funny to watch.  Consider practicing prediction skills with your child before watching an episode.  Look at the title and make predictions about what will happen.  After the episode try to come up with a few sentences in French to describe what happened.

Radio Canada – Vidéos (

Here you can watch a great selection of kids French animation shows.  These cartoons are those that you would find on Saturday mornings on the French channel through your cable provider.  Near the top of the page, you can scroll through to see all the different shows that have episodes to watch.  Léon is also available on this site.


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