Mathematical Processes

The new math IRP is not only made up of content specific learning outcomes but there are also seven processes of math that need to be integrated throughout the teaching of the content areas.

These seven process are:

Communication (C)

  • students are expected to communicate in order to learn and express their understanding

Connections (CN)

  • students are expected to connect mathematical ideas to other concepts in mathematics, to everyday experiences and to other disciplines

Mental Mathematics and Estimation (ME)

  • students are expected to demonstrate fluency with mental mathematics and estimation

Problem Solving (PS)

  • students are expected to develop and apply new mathematical knowledge through problem solving

Reasoning (R)

  • students are expected to develop mathematical reasoning

Technology (T)

  • students are expected to select and use technologies as tools for learning and solving problems

Visualization (V)

  • students are expected to develop visualization skills to assist in processing information, making connections, and solving problems

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